The May 2011 Build (Beta)

New Multiple Parcels/Economic Units Features
*Current Customers: New autotext for additional improvements and site parcels is located at the bottom of this webpage.
  • Now manage up to 10 parcels/buildings on the Assessment, Site and Improvements worksheets
    • New Assessment Worksheet
      • Automatic scaling for multiple parcels assessment/tax analysis
      • More options for saving subject assessment data to the database
    • New Site Worksheet
      • Automatic scaling for multiple parcels documentation
      • Automatic multiple parcel totals for areas, frontages, etc.
      • Multiple parcel mapping
      • New tools for geo-coding multiple subject parcels
      • More options for saving subject site data to the database
    • New Improvements Worksheet
      • Automatic scaling for multiple building documentation
      • Automatic multiple buildings totals for areas, units, rooms, etc.
      • Multiple parcel mapping
      • Expanded Multifamily field set
      • More options for saving subject improvement data to the database

  • Land, Improved and Lease Grid Worksheets (modification)
    • Options to choose the land and/or building to analyze when there are multiple economic units
    • Automatic mapping for multiple parcels for subject and comp maps
  • Income and Expense History Worksheet (modification)
    • Expense per SF or Unit break-outs now based on Space Types
  • New Database Features
    • Improved database work-flow for Clients, Contacts, Appraisers on File Info sheet
    • Now save attachments when saving the subject to the database
    • Expanded data entry field option option
    • New Database Fields
      • Notes (Similar to the Comments field but intended for abbreviated entries)
      • Source For SF area
      • Sprinklers
      • Total Economic Life
      • Remaining Economic Life
  • Faster MS Word and Excel merging
  • New iPhone App, free to N1 customers
    • Search, select and email comps from your Narrative1 database

Some Important Points
The “5/11” build features significant improvements, some of which require an automated one-time modification to your Word templates (optional).

From One to Many
Because we now have up to 10 parcels/buildings, we now have up to 10 assessments, site sizes, building sizes, etc. In some cases, we also have a total for the 10.

This means instead of a single field for Acres, or Gross Building Area (GBA), we now have 10. For example, in previous builds, we have a field for “Acres”. That field is now “Parcel1Acres”, or Parcel2Acres, etc. Similarly, “GBA” is now “Building1GBA”, “Building2GBA”, etc.

We also have new fields for totals: “ParcelsTotalAcres” and “BuildingsTotalAcres” and many more like this.

Updating Your Word Templates
Easy! Narrative1 will do it for you.
  1. Run a merge with your Word template and the new Narrative1 Appraisal.xls file. Narrative1 will recognize that some merge fields need to modified. For example, the merge field for “GBA” should be modified to “Building1GBA”.
  2. After the merge is run the user will prompted to check for New Fields.

  3. Simply run the Fields and Tables utility and click “Get New Fields”. Narrative1 will scan the Word document and modify the merge fields for you.  This only needs to be done once for each template.

Technical Stuff
With more parcels and buildings, there are more names. The tables below shows name conventions. 

For organizational purposes, names for multiple parcels and buildings have common properties. For example, all the building names include “Building” so when viewing a list of names, all the building names will be grouped together, starting with Building1, Building2 ... and ending with BuildngsTotal. Like this:

Note that Totals are always preceded by the plural of the field type, like this:
  • BuildingsTotalGBA
  • ParcelsTotalAcres
  • AssessmentParcelsTotalTaxes

Tip: Help pages can be printed (link at bottom), but hey, we're all going green, so please think twice before printing.

FYI: Screen shots and videos in the this document are a mix of Excel 2000-2003 and 2007.