Project Management

The Project Management module allows Administrators to view, track and sort appraisal projects. Associate users can only update project status records.

To run this module, click Start > Programs > Narrative1 > Utilities > Project Management

Getting Project Records
The Project Management excel file automatically populates when the file opens. Scroll down to Filter Records for instruction on sorting records.

 This screen shot shows the Project Management before records have been added.

Note: The Excel file is a copy of the Project Management template. It can be saved, or discarded after use.

Filter Project Management Records
The top row contains all the project management fields. Click the drop-down arrow to filter records based on the selected field. This screen shot shows the Project Management file after records have been searched and inserted from the database. 

The default tracking fields are
  • File Reference << This is the key field. All Project Management records are organized by File Reference. There is one Project Management record for each File Reference entry.
  • Percent Complete
  • Status Time Stamp
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Amount
  • Property Name
  • Property Type
  • Owner
  • Address
  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Appraiser First Name
  • Appraiser Last Name
  • Client Company Name
  • Client First Name
  • Client Last Name
  • Client Phone Number
  • Project Notes
Project Management Fields
There is a two step process for adding Project Management fields
  1. Open the Project Management file, click the Search Icon, click edit Fields and add a new field (for example "My Project Field")
  2. Open the Excel template and name the ranges with same name as the Field name, but preceded with _N1 (for example, "_N1MyProject_Field")
    See Range Names help here for range name conventions and further information.

Screen Shot From the File Info worksheet

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