From the main Narrative1 menu, or via right-click.

Merge Workbooks
The utility moves worksheets from one Narrative1 file to another. Because of the named ranges in Excel, it is critical that this utility be used when moving sheets between Narrative1 workbooks. Please note, this procedure is much more technical than it appears and does work on all files, especially files with heavily customization and links to external data sources. If the procedure fails, please contact Narrative1 at support@narrative1.com.
  • IMPORTANT: Always back up the target file before moving worksheets.
    move Narrative1 sheets between files manually.

Location Map Options
Sets Subject Location Map options for map size, type and zoom. N1Appraisal.xls workbooks published on or after 9-7-10 have a button on the Site worksheet that accesses these settings. Older worksheets can run the settings from here.

Clean Names
Deleting Excel rows, columns, or worksheets can create bad range names. This utility will remove bad range names from the file.

List Names
This will add a new sheet to the workbook and list all the named ranges in the Excel and the reference for the name. This is handy for finding bad links or links to external files.

Update Project Status
This for backwards compatibility for older Excel files that do not have the Update Project Status button on the File Info sheet. Note that older files will need to have project status fields added to the sheet. See Project Management.

Excel Tables: Get Tables
A more robust, but slower method for merging tables. If tables are not merging, click this check-box. 

Error Logs
Enables error logging if there is a problem with the merge function. Intended for Narrative1 support personnel. 

Mark Fields & Tables (New 1/18/11)
This feature highlights in Excel the fields and tables that are in the active Word document. For example, if the Word doc contains only fields and tables for a short land analysis, only those fields and tables will be highlighted in Excel. Thus the analyst can quickly identify the pertinent fields that need to completed in Excel. To activate Mark Fields & Tables:
  1. Open the Narrative1 Word and Excel files and complete a merge. (A merge must be completed for Excel to know what fields and tables to highlight.)
  2. In Excel Narrative1 Options, select Mark Fields and Tables. This will place a light blue highlight on the fields and tables located in the Word document.

Excel Keyboard Navigation Shortcuts:
  • To move to the next highlighted field or table: Control-Shift-N
  • To move the previous highlighted field or table: Control-Shift-P
Note that highlighting in Excel will not show in Word. 

Tip: Help pages can be printed (link at bottom), but hey, we're all going green, so please think twice before printing.

FYI: Screen shots and videos in the this document are a mix of Excel 2000-2003 and 2007.