Income-Expense Summary

Includes Income & Expense Summary from Appraisal, Budget & History
This sheet contains two tables: Income and Expense.

The tables expand vertically and horizontally. The horizontal display (columns) is configured by setting the Show/Hide label in row 6. To toggle the display, click the Show/Hide button. There many columns available for display; depending on the number selected, a landscape page may be a better choice when the table is merged in Word.

The following columns are available:
  • Appraisal - This is the actual income and expense data used in the appraisal
  • Budget - Management's projections
  • Year to Date Annualized - Actual year to date annualized
  • Historic income and expense data for up to three years.
The screen shot below shows these tables with several columns hidden.
Further, each of the above can be displayed as $/square foot and $/unit. Unit values are based on SF and Unit counts entered in the Rent Roll or optionally, hand entered. 

Square footage information from the Rent Roll is displayed on the right. These values may be selected if there is more than one Rent Roll, or overridden completely.

A partial view of the above tables with the display toggled to show all available rows and columns:

Entering Income and Expense Data
The Appraisal column is unique because it will auto-populate from the Capitalization worksheet. If there are multiple Capitalization sheets, select the appropriate sheet from the drop-down. Therefore, the Capitalization worksheet needs to be completed before this table can be fully populated. Optionally, data can hand-entered. In that case, clear the formulas via the "Clear Projections" button.

The "Restore Projections" will restore formulas and link to the data source selected in the drop-down.

The Appraisal Column

Enter Annual Amounts

Year to Date Entries

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