The Dashboard

The dashboard is folder management tool, and also provides quick access to files. Click Start > Programs > Narrative1 > Narrative1 Start to run the dashboard. Creating a new project is a simple three step process:
  1. Select a folder to copy. This can be a template folder (left pane) or work folder (right pane).
  2. Rename the folder and files.
  3. Save the project. Note that a project can be saved as a work folder or template folder.
    (See video below)

Tip: Exclude files from the the new work folder by double-clicking the file name. When a red x appears over the file icon, it will be excluded from the new folder.

Dashboard Overview

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Organize by folders

The Narrative1 system organizes appraisal work by folders. Templates are organized by folder, as are work files. New files are created by copying template or previously completed work folders.